.....THE KISS of Doberman

.....He had just saved her from her house on fire,
and put her on the grass before going back to fight the fire.
.....she was expecting babies

....the fireman was scared while taking her out, as he never came near a doberman before

....Finally when the fire was under control,
he sat on the grass to breathe, and have a little rest.....
it's at this time that a photograph of the "Observer" newspaper
of Charlotte town, North Carolina noticed
the female doberman fixing the fireman

....he saw her approaching the fireman,
and was wondering what did she intend to do
... it's then he saw her giving a KISS to the man who saved her from the fire
..... it's rather incredible that some people still think that animals are stupid!

....wish you a good day

Merci d'être là !   Pierrette coeur d'Amour


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